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Uploading Data

In order to upload data you must match fields....

You need to match up the data with the fields imported:


I pulled the data from my company CRM. I'm going to see if I can make all of the attributes similar to my functioning CRM.


So when I downloaded the data, its broken down into sections. They may do this because of a couple reasons. 1.They want to keep the data seperate so that you have to request it from the company and they will charge you for it. 2.It may be in seperate sections on the CRM. 3. Its listed as a backup, wo it may be easier to backup the necessary data that you need. 4.There is not much thought into it.

Either way we need to combine the data into object files, so that they are all inclusive in order to keep each file sorted properly.

The major problem with this software, is that there is no customer support so we really have to figure the entire thing out by ourselves.


Created by Baycan Azeri 2023