Baycan Azeri

Making Alterations

First we change the logo to customize it....

I want to make this software customized to my specifications sooooo

First step we need to change the logo. I originally had this logo created on the site which I paid for. You don't have to pay for a logo, you can simply create one with any type of editing software.

If you remember the original software is called EspoCRM. But I wanted to tailor it to be called NextAction CRM.

So I had the PNG file already, so I had to convert it to SVG format, because that is what the original software uses. So I went to Adobe Express to convert the file to SVG format. Simple process.


Then I went into the CRM files and found the logo file (to find the filename go to the site and right click and inspect*) and replaced it with my new file. You want to make sure that you name it the same, because other functions may use that filename. And presto!!!!!


We still have to change the title and center the logo, but so far so good.

  • Inspecting a page or viewing source code will give you the entire layout of a page or information on the layout. This can be used on most webpages.

Created by Baycan Azeri 2023