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Printing Problem

Trying to print from macbook to HP printer and it will not print black

Hey all, I just started a new position where I travel to sites and troubleshoot problems. I arrived at one clients home and there was a problem printing from her macbook to her HP printer.

I immediately checked different apps and they were all not printing in black, the color was working just fine. So onto the next check. I then tried to print from my phone by connecting to her wifi and still no black ink. Considering there was two different operating systems I limited the problem to being the actual printer.

So we narrowed it down to the actual printer being the problem. I first updated the firmware and the driver to the printer to rule that out. Still nothing.

So I decided to open up the printer and see if there was an issue. I took it apart because I wasn't able to properly see the printhead and when I took it out and presto, I was able to discern that the printhead black port was melted.

I spoke with the client and found out she is a writer and she was recently printing an entire book. So that was the issue that caused it, printing hundreds and hundreds of pages without giving it a break.

FTP Upload

FTP Upload

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