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To start a simple site

Creating a low cost simple website for CRM

So there are many ways you can create low cost websites to learn and mess around to further your understanding and knowledge. What I mean by low cost, you do have to purchase a domain name if you want a specific name. If you want a subdomain name such as which you can still create a website and host completely free. So you can do this free, but I chose to purchase a custom domain so that I can grow the site and develop it without switching domain names. Having set up a custom domain also helps with SEO. Google and other search engines have algorithms that know how long your domain name has been active and ranks your visibility with many factors. How long your site is active and in use is one of those factors.

So I bought the domain name, next is finding a hosting site. There are numerous hosting sites that you can pay low monthly fees for and there are also free hosting sites. I chose a free hosting site just to tinker around with my new site and customize it. I initially chose which gives free hosting for the most basic of sites, got everything setup, then got an error message telling me the php software was not up to date. The CRM software requires php 8.0, and InfinityFree was 7.4

So I found another free hosting site with php 8.0. It is I'm in the process of uploading the files using a ftp file transfer software, which is also free. Filezilla which connects to the host to upload a lot of files, fairly quickly.

FTP Upload

I am in the process of creating a customized CRM software for the construction industry. Stay tuned.

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